M68HC11 Simulator

The Motorola simulator, also called as "Wookie Simulator" is a program that runs Motorola 68HC11 code. The program actually runs an object code representation of the assembled program, denoted the .s19file. It is useful in simulating experiments involving the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller. This is the file for the Motorola 68hc11 simulator.

M68HC11 Simulator

This is the assembler used to assemble the .asm file to generate the .s19 file ,which is then used as the input file for the 68HC11 simulator.
Assembler (as11m)

(** Copy the above files into one single directory)

This tutorial has the screen shots for all the steps involving the use to the "Wookie" simulator.The tutorial, which is very easy to understand , will help you to understand the simulator in a better way


This is the Users Manual for the Simulator.

User's Manual (in PDF format)


Logic Simulator

The Logic Simulator is an application, used to perform labs involving Logic Design.By clicking the link below,you will be able to download the Logic simulator onto your computer.Save the file onto your computer and run the setup to use to Logic Simulator.